La Cabana

Apple. Lemon. Green Grape. Caramel.
$18.65 / 8oz
Body: Creamy
Acidity: Sweet-tart
Producer: Irma Lopez
Varietal(s): Pink Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Certifications: Female-forward coffee
Region: La Muralla, San Agustín, Huila
Every once in a while, certain coffees come along that simply wow you. At Cafe Imports, these coffees become Aces. According to Cafe Imports, “Aces (coffees)…are vehicles for empowering people and revolutionizing the coffee quality experience.”
Out of Cafe Imports Aces program comes our La Cabana Colombia which is sweet and creamy with aroma and tasting notes of apple, lemon, green grape, and caramel. This coffee comes from Blanca Irma Lopez who owns a 5-hectare farm called La Cabaña where she solely grows Pink Bourbon. Once ripe coffee cherry is picked at La Cabaña, it spends 9 hours in fruit in the depulper’s hopper before the skin is then removed from the fruit. The coffee is then depulped and spends as long as 60 hours fermenting dry in plastic tanks, until the Brix reading drops from 25° to 9°. It is washed three times and dried under shade for 30 days.
Blanca is part of the small-but-mighty group of Huila coffee growers called Asociación de Los Naranjos. These days, Los Naranjos’s producers are relying more and more on a combination of modern technology such as pH and Brix meters, along with traditional and sustainable methods of farming that have been passed down through the generations of their families.

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