Costa Rica

La Alquimia

Rainier Cherry. Mango. Wildflower Honey.
$18.00 / 8oz
Body: Syrupy
Acidity: Sparkling
Producer: Finca La Alquimia and Cerro San Luis Micromill
Varietal(s): SL-28
Growing Elevation: 1300-1600 Meters
Processing: Yellow Honey
Region: Grecia, Naranjo, West Valley, Costa Rica.

The Cerro Luis Micromill in Costa Rica’s West Valley is definitely a family affair. The mill and its affiliated farms are run by a pair of second-generation coffee-producing sisters and their husbands. The family’s farms are adjacent to one another and the micromill they share is located close by at the family home. They grow a multitude of varietals with the focus on producing unique and high quality microlots. This particular lot from La Alquimia is an SL-28, the coveted varietal that is responsible for so many of the great coffees coming out of Kenya. We love that this coffee displays characteristics of both countries-think cherry and berry notes from Kenya mixed with the floral and honey notes that are common for high quality Costa Rican coffees. It’s processing method-yellow honey-is also unique as the coffee seeds were dried in partial fruit to create even more pronounced fruit flavors. It’s a beautiful example of the melding of varietal, origin, and a distinct processing method to create a unique and truly lovely cup of coffee.


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