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Michael Johnson



Get this guy in the cupping lab and watch the magic happen. He can often be found with his nose down over a cup of coffee grounds, slurping up some of the world’s greatest coffees, or trekking up mountain roads in a jeep in the pursuit of the perfect cup. Michael started JBC Coffee Roasters in 1994. His goal: to procure and roast the best coffee on the planet. Since JBC’s beginnings, Michael has joined industry leaders in worldwide investigating, exploring, classifying, and judging every level of the coffee production process from growing, harvesting, processing, and roasting through to the final cup of coffee. He has judged in the Ethiopia Coffee Competition (x2), the Best of Panama, Antioquia’s Best Cup, and the Great Lakes Midwest Barista Championship. He placed 7th in the 2014 U.S. Cup Taster's Championship. He is a licensed Q Grader and one of the founders of the light to light and medium roast school of roasting.