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Michael in Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

When Quality Falls Short: Exploring Risk in the High-End Specialty Trade

by Nick Brown, Editor of Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine 

April 9, 2014 1:26 pm

The Wall Street Journal yesterday published a must-read story for anyone interested in the future of direct-trade relationships for premium coffees among growers, importers and roasters.

JBC's Michael Johnson in the Wall Street Journal

As the coffee industry stands poised to make contractual changes related to direct trade and quality standards, JBC Coffee Roaster’s Michael Johnson is featured in the Wall Street Journal addressing these very issues. Read the full Wall Street Journal article here:

Three New Coffees at JBC

We're excited to introduce three new coffees. We have a new twist on a couple of old favorites here at JBC. Our Twisted Espresso and Rock the House Blend have been revamped and are better than ever. We also have a great new single origin espresso to add to the line-up: our new Bufcafe Rwanda Espresso. Enjoy!

Our New Gelgelu Adame Ethiopia Natural

Gelgelu Adame Ethiopia Yirgacheffe scores a 96 at Coffee Review

"Intense, lush, remarkable." Introducing our Gelgelu Adame Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Organic Natural Process. We are very excited to share what we think is a very special coffee. The Gelgelu Adame comes out the gate with striking flavor and aroma and never lets up. Gelgelu Adame Notes: With a deep berry and floral aroma, notes include honey, berry, chocolate, and tropical fruit. A lingering and sweetly resonant finish ensures you will find it hard to forget this unique coffee.

Thursday Night Throwdown Q&A


What is a Throwdown? In coffee speak, it’s simply a latte art competition.