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Refisa Ethiopia

Coffee Story
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Coffee Story

This lot is comprised of coffee from 648 smallholder farmers who are local to the Refisa washing station. Farmers deliver ripe cherries to the washing station where they are carefully sorted and floated to isolate out only the highest quality for processing. The cherries are pulped and then fermented in water for 36-48 hours depending on ambient conditions. The coffee is then washed and dried in the sun on raised drying beds until optimum moisture content is reached. The Refisa washing station is located in Nensebo Woreda, Sidamo, in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The region has a reputation for producing some of the most characterful coffees in the world. The combination of high altitude, plentiful sunshine, and unique-indigenous heirloom-varieties all contribute to a clean, citric, sweet and floral cup profile.

Coffee Review

93 pts      Aroma: 9    Body: 8    Flavor: 9   Acidity/Structure: 9    Aftertaste: 8

Blind Assessment: High-toned, crisply sweet-tart. Plum, bergamot, cedar, freesia-like flowers, maple syrup in aroma and cup. Vibrant, sweetly tart structure with juicy acidity; crisp, satiny mouthfeel. The long-lasting finish consolidates to notes of plum and bergamot with undertones of cedar and maple syrup.

The Bottom Line: A classically bright, floral-toned washed Ethiopia cup with added vivacity from stone fruit and citrus notes.

Review by Kenneth Davids, Coffee Review, December 2019. Review at Coffee Review.

Refisa Ethiopia

Aroma and Flavor notes: 
Meyer Lemon. Earl Grey. Caramel. Floral.
Nensebo Woreda. Sidamo. Ethiopia.
Smallholder Farmers
Ethiopia Heirloom
Growing elevation: 
Fully washed. Dried on raised beds.
Certified Organic

Weight: 12 oz