Las Juntas

Rich Chocolate. Berries. Flowers.
$18.65 / 8oz
Coffee Review
Body: Juicy
Acidity: Winey Fruit Acidity
Producer: Diever Galindez
Varietal(s): Pink Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Region: Chinas, San Agustín, Huila
Every once in a while, certain coffees come along that simply wow you. At Cafe Imports, these coffees become Aces. According to Cafe Imports, “Aces (coffees)…are vehicles for empowering people and revolutionizing the coffee quality experience.”
Out of Cafe Imports Aces program comes our Las Juntas Colombia which boasts a juicy body with winey fruit acidity and tasting and aroma notes of rich chocolate, berries, and flowers. This Pink Bourbon coffee is grown by Diever Galindez. Like his fellow Asociación de Los Naranjos members, Diever grows  fewer than 12,000 trees, but these growers consistently produce some of best and brightest coffees on the cupping table, year after year. The farmers also have a very close kinship. The overall philosophy among Los Naranjos is that anything that improves the lot for one producer can improve the lot for all.

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