Costa Rica

Las Gravilias

Rose. Cherry. Cashew Butter.
$17.50 / 12oz
Coffee Review
Body: Lush
Acidity: Bright & Sparkling
Producer: Roberto Fabrizzio Marin Jimenez
Varietal(s): Catuai. Caturra.
Growing Elevation: 1250-1500 Meters
Processing: Mechanically Washed. Dried on Raised Beds.
Certifications: Organic
Region: Canton de Desamparados. San Jose. Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a well-known and beloved coffee producing destination that many coffee lovers know firsthand. But perhaps more unknown, is the struggles that Costa Rica currently faces as a coffee producing country. One distinct challenge is the shrinking number of next generation coffee producers. That is why cases like Roberto Fabrizzio Marín Jiménez are so important. Fabrizzio is one of those rare next generation farmers who inherited his father’s 30-acre farm Las Gravilias. Since a teenager, Fabrizzio was passionate about coffee farming. Fabrizzio’s father, Roberto Marín Piedra, was a bit of a superstar among Costa Rican producers, so naturally it is no surprise that Fabrizzio shares his father’s passion. This passion leads to an abundance of care at the farm level where Fabrizzio has made investments in diversity of shade cover and found organic solutions to treat his plants in the face of climate change and disease control. Fabrizzio has his coffee processed at Beneficio Orgánico de AFAORCA where he delivers harvested ripe cherries to be processed using state-of-the-art environmentally friendly equipment. At AFAORCA, Fabrizzio’s cherry is floated to remove damaged and less dense coffee, depulped, then mechanically washed with an eco-friendly demucilager, and then dried on patios and raised beds. The result is a beautiful cup of Costa Rica coffee that demonstrates the care that is taken at the farm and processing level.


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