La Papaya

Mango. Mulled Wine. Honey.
$16.00 / 8oz
Body: Creamy
Acidity: Crisp & Sweet-tart
Producer: Juan Pena
Varietal(s): Sidra
Growing Elevation: 2000 Meters
Processing: Natural Process
Certifications: Direct Trade
Region: Saraguro/Loja, Ecuador

This beautiful coffee comes from Juan Peña — Ecuador’s most famous specialty-coffee producer-who owns and operates the well-known Hacienda La Papaya coffee farm. He and his coffee have won numerous awards, including the Sprudge top producer award and several U.S. Barista Championships.

Juan grows several varieties on this land including Typica, Sidra, B7, and Gesha. This particular lot is a Sidra, a cross between a Bourbon and a Typica variety (themselves relatively closely related genetically). When grown at higher altitudes and processed meticulously, Sidra varieties stand out on the cupping table and can express very unique floral and fruity characteristics.

Juan himself is actively engaged with many processing experiments. His farming is meticulous, scientific, curious, and giving. He provides neighbors and farm workers space in his nursery, along with seedlings, so that they can develop plots of their own.

Hacienda La Papaya coffees are the result of a meticulous integral process. The process begins in the nursery where the best seeds are selected, considering the origin and characteristics of the mother plants. Proper sowing techniques are applied for the correct development of the plant. This ensures efficient fertilization management throughout the farm and maximum control at each stage of the plant’s growth. Every year the farm experiments with various controlled fermentation and drying, creating quality-forward, unique profiles.


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