Papua New Guinea


Mango. Rose. Butterscotch.
$16.00 / 12oz
Coffee Review
Body: Jammy
Acidity: Sweet-tart
Producer: Smallholder Farmers
Varietal(s): Arusha. Mundo Novo. Typica.
Growing Elevation: 1750
Processing: Washed
Region: Kabiufa, Eastern Highlands

Moses Venapo, an entrepreneurial producer in the Eastern Highlands, developed a new coffee model that offers local smallholder farmers better access to higher market prices as well as an option with higher-traceability. While most coffee in Kabiufa is delivered in parchment in small quantities to roadside delivery points, Moses established a cherry-buying facility as well as installed a wet mill in his back yard in order to have more control over the purchasing and processing. The coffee is bought in cherry (at a significant premium to the general market), and sorted carefully, providing farmers with feedback about best practices in picking. This new project currently serves around 50 smallholder farmers within Moses’ village and the neighboring villages. And based on the cup quality and ingenuity of the venture, we see a lot of promise in this project for years to come.


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