Finca Belgravia Bourbon

Honeycrisp Apple. Orange. Chocolate.
$17.00 / 8oz
Body: Rich
Acidity: Sweet-tart
Producer: Caravela Coffee
Varietal(s): Bourbon
Growing Elevation: 1910 Meters
Processing: Washed. Fermented 24 hours. Dried on Raised Beds.
Certifications: Direct Trade, Microlot
Region: Popayan, Cauca, Colombia

You asked and here it is! One of the favorite coffees from our Finca Belgravia box set was the lovely Bourbon. And it is now available separately.

Coffee Story. In 2008, Caravela Coffee, a green bean importer, decided to buy a coffee farm to start their very own innovation and experimentation center near Popayan, Cauca (Colombia). They wanted a place where they could push the boundaries of high-quality coffee production. They named this center Belgravia. From this farm, we tasted some beautiful coffees and out of that tasting, comes our Finca Belgravia Bourbon. Definitely a must-try!


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