Banko Gotiti Natural

Mixed Berry. Kiwi. Fruity Pebbles.
$20.00 / 12oz
Coffee Review
Body: Velvety
Acidity: Vibrant & Sweet-tart
Producer: Smallholder Farmers
Varietal(s): Ethiopia Heirloom
Growing Elevation: 2200-2300 Meters
Processing: Natural. Dried on Raised Beds.
Region: Gotiti. Yirgacheffe. Ethiopia.

This coffee hails from the Banko Gotiti washing station, located on edge of the Yirgacheffe growing region bordering Guji. This area is known for producing some of the most vibrant cups of coffee in the country and this natural lot is no exception. The coffee growers delivering to this station farm largely organically, using very little or no fertilizer and pesticides. This coffee is also mostly shade-grown with farmers inter-cropping their coffees trees with other foods to make the most use of their often very small farms, typically 1/2 hectare. Banko Gotiti pays a premium to ensure only ripe cherries are delivered to their station and coffee is hand sorted upon arriving to the station. Natural coffees are dried slowly at Banko Gotiti on raised beds (roughly 20 days depending on weather conditions), which is ideal for the stability of the green coffee. At the impressive elevations that this coffee is grown, it comes as no surprise that the quality is also impressive. It’s vibrant and full of complex fruit notes. Our cupping notes said things like blueberry, raspberry, berry jam, strawberry (hence mixed berry for a note), kiwi, Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, pina colada, and peach. If you are a lover of high quality natural process Ethiopian coffees, this coffee is definitely for you.


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