Plum. Molasses. Anise.
$19.50 / 12oz
Coffee Review
Body: Thick & Syrupy
Acidity: Round
Producer: Armiyadi
Varietal(s): Ateng Super
Growing Elevation: 1600-1700 Meters
Processing: Wet-Hulled
Region: Bukit Sama. Kute Panang. Takengon. Aceh. Sumatra

Our Andi Sumatra is a fruit-forward wet-hulled coffee that is definitely a must-have for all Sumatra lovers. This coffee hails from a 3-hectare farm that grows a disease-resistant variety called Ateng Super, a hybrid made with Timor Hybrid. The coffee is depulped the day it’s picked and fermented underwater for 12 hours. It’s dried on tarps for 5-8 days. This particular micro-lot is wet-hulled which brings in subtle aroma and flavor notes that are classic for Sumatra coffees (spice and deep earth). Yet, this lot is also very unique for a Sumatra with bright fruit notes-think stone fruits- and a very nice molasses sweetness.


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