12 Days of Coffee

PLEASE NOTE. This box set has a special roast & ship date of Dec 9. Other coffees and merch ordered in conjunction will ship immediately.

$70.00 / 35oz

Out of stock

Ever curious to taste a variety of all the different coffees JBC has to offer? Introducing our first-ever sample set of 12 of our favorite coffees here at JBC! This box set features custom JBC seed-to-cup artwork which details the journey of the coffee seed, a postcard with QR codes to access info on each coffee, and 12 award-winning coffees. It’s a great way to introduce yourself, your friends and family to all JBC has to offer. It’s also a perfect present for the holidays! (Each sample is 83 grams/2.9 ounces-perfect for multiple pour overs or a pot of coffee). Note: this box set has a special roast and ship date of Dec 9 and is sold whole bean only. Only $70! 

Coffees featured in the sample set include our: Bekele Heto Natural Ethiopia, Gura Kenya, Medina Natural Guatemala, Alaka Ethiopia, Pluma Mexico, Pantan Musara Sumatra, Chelbesa Ethiopia, El Triunfo Mexico, Rock the House Blend, Bella Carmona Guatemala, Primavera Colombia, and Merry & Bright Blend.


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