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Ninety Plus Gesha Estates JBC Custom Lot #252



Coffee Story

Coffee Story

We're thrilled to introduce Ninety Plus Gesha Estates JBC Custom Lot 252. This special release marks a brotherly collaboration between Joseph Brodsky (Ninety Plus founder) and Michael Johnson (JBC Coffee Roasters founder).

Joseph started in coffee with his older brother, Michael, at JBC Coffee Roasters in Madison, Wisconsin over 20 years ago. Since then, the brothers continue to push the bounds of coffee processing and roasting. Their most recent invention, JBC Custom Lot 252, features a secret fermentation process that creates an intensely dramatic cup.

The Coffee Review says: "coffee that in its wild, unruly intensity and intriguing aromatic drama challenges the boundaries of what coffee is and can be."
Black cherry, raspberry, pink bubblegum, and candied ginger notes abound in this coffee that boasts a jammy port wine sweetness. If we were to provide an all-encompassing beverage that we think this coffee resembles, it would be a fine Spanish sangria.
JBC Coffee Roasters is proud to offer this remarkable coffee to our customers. This brotherly collaboration represents a shared familial passion for amazing coffee and the relationships surrounding it. Order now and join us in pushing coffee to new boundaries.
To read more about Michael and Joseph’s passion for coffee, please read our short story “Coffee in the Blood” below.

Coffee in the Blood

When JBC Coffee Roasters founder Michael Johnson started roasting coffee to vend at the Dane County Farmer’s Market back in 1994, it would have been hard to imagine that it would eventually turn into a family affair with coffee ventures spanning the globe. Yet fast forward 20 years and that is exactly what happened.

In the late 90’s, Joseph Brodsky joined his brother Michael’s coffee roasting business with plans of expanding the coffee vending operations in Madison, WI into a full-fledged roaster wholesaler and retailer. Michael and Joseph worked side-by-side in Michael’s near east side apartment in Madison (which then doubled as his office) learning the industry and the market to create a business plan focused on the then popular concepts of fresh roasted coffee and impeccable service.

As Michael went on to grow JBC Coffee Roasters, Joseph would eventually go on to join his father Herb Brodsky and brother Jake Brodsky (also Michael’s brother) in Denver, CO where the three founded Novo Coffee in 2002. Simultaneously, JBC Coffee Roasters and Novo Coffee began forging paths forward to make names for themselves in the specialty coffee world. As their businesses grew, their shared love of great coffee and direct trade relationships would bring Jake and Michael together to travel to origin and develop relationships with growers in El Salvador and elsewhere. 

Determined to take a different direction in the coffee industry, Joseph would eventually leave Novo Coffee to begin what is now the legacy of Ninety Plus Coffee and Ninety Plus Gesha Estates located in the Boquete region of Panama. Known for pushing the envelope in coffee growing and processing to pursue unique and exemplary flavor profiles, Ninety Plus provides coffee for world barista and brewer’s cup champions and coffee companies looking to push boundaries.

Fast forward to 2019 and it only makes sense that a coffee roaster known for high-rated, quality coffees and a coffee producer known worldwide would come together for Custom Lot 252. Coffee pulses in their blood. Taste Custom Lot 252 and you’ll surely know what we mean.


Ninety Plus Gesha Estates JBC Custom Lot #252


Aroma and Flavor notes: 
Raspberry. Black Cherry. Pink Bubblegum. Port Wine Sweetness. Exotic Florals.
Velvety and Lush
Silla Del Pando, Volcan, Panama
Ninety Plus Gesha Estates
Growing elevation: 
1400-1800 Meters
Direct Trade

Weight: 4 oz

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