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Gayo Aceh Sumatra

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Coffee Story

From the Gayo Highland, comes our new Aceh Gayo washed Sumatra. People in Gayo have been cultivating coffee since the Dutch colonized the area and the Gayo region has since taken an important role in coffee research and development. Veering away from the traditional processing method common to Sumatra (wet hulled processing), this unique coffee is conversely a fully washed coffee. When the process imparted flavors of wet hulling are stripped away, the unique aromas and flavors of these Sumatra varietals create a unique take on the traditional Sumatra profile. Rich with rose, maple syrup, and mango, this coffee boasts a satiny and rich body with a tangy acidity.

Coffee Review

92 pts      Aroma: 9     Acidity: 8   Body: 8    Flavor: 9    Aftertaste: 8

Blind Assessment: Richly sweet, spicy, tobacco-toned. Pipe tobacco, almond brittle, ginger blossom, mango, roasted cacao nib in aroma and cup. Sweet-savory structure with gentle, rounded acidity; crisp, satiny mouthfeel. The finish resonates with vanilla-toned pipe tobacco and ginger blossom.

The Bottom Line: Expressive and resonant: Spice-toned florals and sweetly savory pipe tobacco offer rich throughlines.

Review by Kenneth Davids, Coffee Review, Dec 2018. Review at Coffee Review.

Gayo Aceh Sumatra

Aroma and Flavor notes: 
Rose. Maple. Mango.
Thick & Rich
Gayo Mountains. Mandheling, Sumatra.
Small Holder Farmers
Ateng. Bourbon. Tim-Tim. Bergendal.
Growing elevation: 
1200-1750 Meters
Fully Washed

Weight: 12 oz