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Bufcafe Rwanda

Coffee Story
Coffee Review

Coffee Story

This coffee is 100 percent Bourbon varietal from Bufcafe in the Nyamagabe region of Rwanda. Epiphanie Mukashyaka created the Bufcafe washing station following the Rwandan genocide and the devastating loss of most of her family. She and her son now operate two wet mills and a dry mill in the area. Coffees are processed following traditional Rwandan processing techniques. Processing starts with a floating tank sort followed by a 8 to 12 hour dry fermentation, second sort (by weight) using water shoots, and then a 24 hour soak prior to hand washing and hand sorting. The coffee is then dried on raised drying beds on the mountain valley floor.

Coffee Review

90 pts      Aroma: 8     Acidity: 8    Body: 8    Flavor: 8    Aftertaste: 8

Blind Assessment: Roundly savory, sweet, quiet. Almond, pine, lightly cooked taro with hints of orange zest and plum blossom in aroma and cup. Gently sweet-savory in structure; very lightly satiny in mouthfeel. The finish is lightly crisp with pungent hints of pine.

The Bottom Line: A quiet coffee with a very distinct savory sweetness. Those who avoid assertively bright coffees may enjoy its restraint.

Bufcafe Rwanda

Aroma and Flavor notes: 
Blood Orange. Plum. Fudge.
Lightly Crisp
Karaba Village. Ginkongoro.
Small holder farmers contributing to the Nyarusiza Washing Station
Growing elevation: 
1600 plus meters

Weight: 12 oz