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What you'll need to get started is a Chemed brewer, a paper filter, a digital scale, 36g of JBC coffee and water heated to 208° f.

First thing you'll want to do is rinse your paper filter thoroughly to get ride of any paper taste that would come along with it.

Next, grind your coffee medium/coarse and dose your coffee into your brewer. Once your coffee is in the brewer shake the brewer to even the grounds into a flat bed.

Now, start your timer and begin your pour from the center of the brew bed working outward in a spiral until you reach 80g. Let the brew bloom for about 35-45 seconds.

At 40 seconds, begin pouring from the center outward in a spiral until you reach 310g.

At 2:45, begin your final pour from the center of the brew outward until you reach an end weight of 550g, remembering to evenly saturate all of your coffee.

Once you reach an end time of 4:20, remove your filter, combine your brew well and serve!