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2020 Good Food Awards Winner

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Jan 17, 2020)- JBC Coffee Roasters (Madison, WI) is honored to announce that we have been named a 2020 Good Food Awards winner with our coffee: Janson Geisha Lot #109. Considered the Oscars of food products, the Good Food Awards recognizes socially responsible, delicious food produced across the nation. To be named a finalist, our coffee received one of the top tasting scores of nearly 2,000 entries and passed intensive sustainability vetting. “We are honored to win this prestigious award that recognizes both high quality and sustainability,” says JBC founder Michael Johnson. JBC team members are in San Francisco right now accepting this award.

According to the founders of this coveted award, "The Good Food Awards Seal assures consumers they have found something exceptionally delicious which also supports sustainability and social good." They add, “Over 2,000 entries from all 50 states are submitted each year.”

About the coffee: Our Janson Panama Geisha Lot #109 is a direct trade coffee grown by our partners at the Janson Farm in Volcan, Panama. Geisha (also Gesha) is a prized coffee varietal that has garnered some of the top tasting scores worldwide. At the Janson farm, their focus is quality production that seeks harmony with the environment. Energy for the farm is produced by 400 solar panels, plus all excess matter from their processing is reused as fuel or fertilizer. Seeds from their forest are planted in their nursery for reforestation and water from their spring is used for the wet process on their farm. They maintain a natural forest reserve of approximately 250 hectares and have recently started a honey bee project to produce organic honey while aiding the pollination of their coffee and avocado trees. They also run a small school which is recognized by the ministry of education, where adults with little to no education can learn to read and write and earn a school diploma. Medical care is provided to the Janson’s permanent and seasonal employees.  They are dedicated to not only sustaining but improving the environment as conscientious food producers. “We are 100% committed to improve and protect our environment,” they say.

About JBC Coffee Roasters: JBC Coffee Roasters is proud to partner with quality producers like the Jansons to bring exceptional coffee experiences to our customers. Founded in 1994, we are a family-owned business currently run by husband and wife team Michael Johnson and Laura Salinger Johnson. We were recently named one of the nation’s best 25 roasters by Gear Patrol (Nov, 2019),  one of the nation’s best 12 coffee roasters by Forbes (Dec, 2018), and have numerous award-winning, top rated coffees. JBC Coffee Roaster’s also won a Good Food Award in 2016 and 2018.

Unparalleled quality, a human story, sustainability...that's our coffee philosophy.