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Banco Gotete Ethiopia

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Coffee Story

Processed and dry-milled by Legu Trading, this exceptional Yirgacheffe lot is grown by smallholder farmers living around the town of Banco Gotete. Most contributing farmers own less than a hectare of land and coffee will be grown among other subsistence crops such as sweet potato, mangos and avocados. Coffee is selectively hand-picked before being delivered to collection points and great care is taken upon delivery to select only the finest ripe cherries. Legu Trading offers premium prices to their farmers and hires as many workers as possbile-at least 300 people year round and up to 600 people in high season. All workers are paid a fair wage and receive full 8 hour work days.

Coffee Review

93 pts      Aroma: 9    Body: 8    Flavor:   Acidity/Structure: 9    Aftertaste: 8

Blind Assessment: Sweetly floral and richly resinous. Cedar, lemon zest, dried jasmine, cacao nib, loquat in aroma and cup. Delicate, sweetly brisk in structure; silky and lively in mouthfeel. Flavor consolidates around cedar and cocoa in a crisp, drying finish.

The Bottom Line: Fragrant jasmine and pungent incense-like notes in distinguish this crisply graceful wet-processed Ethiopia.

Review by Kenneth Davids, Coffee Review, July 2019. Review at Coffee Review.

Banco Gotete Ethiopia

Aroma and Flavor notes: 
Floral. Melon. Tangerine. Cacao Nib.
Gedeo County, Yirgacheffe
Smallholder Farmers
Growing elevation: 
2,000-2,100 Meters
Washed. Dried on raised beds.

Weight: 12 oz